Veteran Owned Tiny House Company in Dallas

We are Veteran Owned!

Three of our five partners at Indigo River Tiny Homes are US Veterans.  We have Army, Navy, and Air Force represented.

Supporting Veterans is an important part of our company's foundation and philosophy.  We donate 5% of the profits from every tiny house we sell to a Veterans Support Organization.  

We have carefully selected these two worthy veterans' organizations to support with 5% of our profits.  No matter your politics, one thing that is easy to agree on is that our veterans do one of the hardest jobs in the world, and deserve our respect and support when they come home.  These two organizations follow that creed, and we are enthusiastic about helping them accomplish their goals.  Visit their sites below, and contribute to their cause if you can.


Heroes on the Water

We are Friends and Family!

The reason it is so much fun to build you the tiny house of your dreams is because we are family and friends with each other.  We enjoyed hanging out together before we started working on tiny houses, and we believe that feeling of community and comradery can be felt in the work that we do.  
Meet our Team of Tiny Home Building Partners:

Peter Huggler-Chief Builder and Managing Partner of IRTH.  Peter is an Army veteran.  It was his vision that began the Indigo River journey.  He has nearly 20 years of construction experience and leads the team in Tiny House design, construction, and sales.

John and Amanda Griffin-Manager of Logistics and Contingencies, and Managing Partner, respectively.  John is a Navy veteran.  John lends his expertise to all things Tiny House Moving related, and keeps the team on track with proactively planning for what could go wrong, so that it doesn't.  Amanda coordinates projects and financials, manages design along with Peter, and heads up the planning and dreaming committee.

Patrick Marts-Shop Foreman.  Patrick is a veteran of the Air Force.  Patrick gives his expertise in construction and HVAC systems to contribute to a smooth, polished build.  He implements Peter's designs and manages the timeline of construction.

Matt Marts-Home Systems specialist.  Matt works in constructing each Tiny House, specializing in ensuring systems like plumbing and electrical are planned appropriately, installed correctly, and work smoothly together for a flawless implementation. 

If your looking for a tiny house in Dallas, IRTH has a dedicated veteran team waiting to build you the home of your dreams. We have several tiny houses for sale and tiny houses on wheels for sale.  So give us a call, shoot us an email, or stop on by the shop and we will show you the best tiny houses in Dallas. 

We Dream Big!

Building you the Tiny Home you've always dreamed of is just the beginning for Indigo River.  We have plans to support and grow the Tiny House Community in the following ways.

Tiny House Construction Space-want to build your own tiny house but don't have the space to begin your construction project?  Not sure if you have all the tools you need to finish the job?  You are handy, but you haven't taken on a project that big before?  This is what the Tiny House Studio Space will be for.  We will provide secure spaces for rent for DIY tiny house builders, so you can build on your time, keep your materials secure, and utilize the wisdom of our on-site construction experts. Coming Fall 2019.

Tiny House Village-Really want to live tiny, but still urban?  Don't have land yet to park your tiny home?  Join us at the Indigo River Tiny Home Village!  Coming in Fall 2019, the tiny home village will provide personal parking spaces for your tiny house, where you can live close to other tiny house enthusiasts, have outdoor gardening space to enjoy while living tiny, and make lasting friendships.

Tiny House Hotel-Not sure if Living Tiny is for you, but want to try it out?  Want a fun place to stay while enjoying the DFW metroplex and all its fun attractions?  Make your reservation at the Tiny House Hotel!  Come for a weekend or a month to try Tiny on for size.  Coming Summer 2019.

Do any of these projects sound like something you would like to be a part of?  Contact us!  We have waiting lists started and are working toward launching these projects as soon as time and money allow.