Our Mission & Values

Indigo River Tiny Homes is a socially &

environmentally conscious construction company inspired by the simplicity, freedom & ecological benefits that Tiny Living offers. 

We are

  • Building quality Tiny Homes to last
  • Cultivating collaboration within the Tiny House Community 
  • Providing construction education & mentoring 
  • Supporting the wider community with our time, money & other resources to provide sustainable housing solutions for under-served populations.

We offer

Tiny Homes on Wheels (THOWs) and Tiny Homes on Foundations. We have 6 models that can be ordered AS DESIGNED or CUSTOMIZED to meet your needs.

Veteran Owned Tiny House Company in Dallas

We are owned & operated by Veterans!


Three of our five partners at Indigo River Tiny Homes are US Veterans.  We have Army, Navy, and Air Force represented.

Supporting Veterans is an important part of our company's foundation and philosophy.  

We donate 5% of the profits from every tiny house we sell to organizations that support Veterans.  

Our Military Service Men & Women do some of the hardest jobs in the world, and they deserve our respect and support when they come home.   We have carefully selected two worthy organizations who follow that creed, and we are enthusiastic about helping them accomplish their missions.  Visit their sites below, and contribute if you can!


Heroes on the Water

We are a Family Run Business!


At IRTH some of us are related by blood or marriage, but we are ALL "family by choice."   We have worked & played together for years . . . from Homeschool Co-ops & Campouts to House Remodeling & Real Estate Investments. We love working together and we think that shows in the finished product as well as in the experience of building with us.  We consider our customers an extension of the Indigo River "family" and from the design process through to the final build, we focus on the "relationship first" - listening intently & communicating clearly every step of the way - so the project goes as smoothly as possible.

Meet Team IRTH:

Peter Huggler - Chief Designer, Builder & Managing Partner of IRTH.  It was his vision that began the Indigo River journey.  He has nearly 20 years of construction & home improvement experience and leads the team in Tiny House design, construction, and sales. Peter is an Army veteran.

Christina Wester - Marketing, Community Cultivation & IRTH Culture Keeper. Christina has been supporting Peter's vision & passions for 16 years as a wife and now as a business partner at Indigo River. 

John and Amanda Griffin - Manager of Logistics and Contingencies, and Managing Partner, respectively. Amanda coordinates projects and financials, manages quotes & sales along with Peter, and heads up the planning and dreaming committee.  John lends his expertise (and giant truck) to all things towable and keeps the team on track with efficientcy & safety always in mind.   John is a Navy veteran. 

Patrick Marts - Shop Foreman.  Patrick gives his expertise in construction and HVAC systems to contribute to a smooth, polished build.  He implements Peter's designs and manages the timeline of construction. 

Patrick is a veteran of the Air Force.

Matt Marts - Home Systems specialist.  Matt works in constructing each Tiny House, specializing in ensuring systems like plumbing and electrical are planned appropriately, installed correctly, and work smoothly together for a flawless implementation. 

If your looking for a tiny house in Dallas, Team IRTH is dedicated to building the home of your dreams. Give us a call, shoot us an email, or stop on by the shop and we will show you the best tiny houses in Dallas! 

And we're not just saying that!

We've been paid that complement repeatedly, and we're pretty proud of it!

We Dream Big and Invest in Community!


Building you the Tiny Home of your dreams is just the beginning for Indigo River.  We are supporting the Tiny House Community in the following ways:

  • Tiny House Construction Education & Mentoring :: We share our knowledge & expertise with DIYers and hire Tiny House Enthusiasts who want to learn about construction & other elements of the Tiny Home business.
  • Advocacy & Education for Property Owners: Want to put a Tiny House in your backyard but you're not sure if your city will allow it? We can help you research the issue to determine if your project has a chance of being approved by your local municipality. We have attended meetings with various municipalities in DFW to advocate for homeowners, Tiny Home developments and more lenient laws regarding Tiny Homes. 
  • Cultivating Collaboration in the Tiny House Community: We are members of the local Tiny House Enthusiasts group and support the group with our time, talents & meetup space.
  • Tiny Home Village Plans: We want to see more Tiny Home Villages in Texas and are currently seeking development partners & landowners to create more options for parking a Tiny Home on Wheels! We are also dreaming of a Tiny House Makers' Space and are seeking partners for that vision as well.
  • Donations & Volunteering: We give our time, talents, money & other resources to several organizations that provide Tiny Homes for underserved populations & support Tiny House DIYers.