Easy Travel

All models are built to be light weight and towable.

Easy Sleeping

Stand up-right and change.  Be comfortable in your bedroom.  

Easy Living

Spend your life enjoying the things that matter most.

Indigo Go!


Prices Starting at $45,500

No Loft. 20 to 32 Feet.  It is our most economical model and easiest to travel with.

The Pioneer


Prices starting at $53,000

No stairs and no Loft. 20, 24, 28, & 32 Feet.  Downstairs sleeping makes the ideal retiree Tiny House on Wheels (THOW).

The Rambler


Prices Starting at $56,750

Single Split Level loft makes it easy to climb in and out of bed. Available in 20, 24, 28, & 32 feet.

The Homesteader


Prices Starting at $58,300

Double lofts with one split level loft and one standard loft.  With two lofts this house has the most living space.

The Bunkhouse


Prices Starting at $68,900

Bunk House model provides separate sleeping quarters for two to three people. available in 28 and 32 feet.

The Bungalow


Prices Starting at $60,000

Accessory Dwelling Unit AKA Granny flat. Built on site, on a foundation, and designed to meet city ordinances.  

Pricing and Options Questionnaire

This form will help you plan your budget and give us the information we need to start planning your tiny house build. After filling out the form, email it to us at IndigoRiverTiny@gmail.com and we can work up a quote for you. So let's get started!

Jump in and go tiny!


Check out this great video


"Peter, you are a genius!!  Did you just design the 1st ever one and a half bath, senior- friendly tiny home??!! 

...  Your design change not only eliminates Mom having to climb any stairs at all inside, but since I'll now be in the split loft (really love that alcove feeling) don't have to worry about stooping since I can stand next to the bed to get into it. Win/WIn. Also love the change in location of the washer/dryer.  Love the second wardrobe downstairs. Love, love, love!!!

...  I really appreciate how well you listened and took our needs into account. Noting Mom's craft area really made her feel included.

We look forward to working with you!"  - D.D., Dallas, TX