Financing Options

Thank you for choosing Indigo River Tiny Homes to build your tiny house! We have partnered with two companies to provide you with two different finance options for your tiny house. Interest rates are as low as 4.5% and payment terms are up to 25 years, depending on credit and down payment amount.

Tiny House Loans

Koala Finance Group

Koala finance group offers financing on tiny houses with as little as 5% down and payment terms up to 25 years. For Example, for a $65,000 tiny house, your payments could be as low as $459/month.

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Southstar Bank

South Star Bank in Austin, TX offers financing for Tiny Houses on Wheels and on a foundation. They do loans with a minimum of 25% down payment and loan terms up to 10 years. For example, a loan on a $64,000 tiny house would require a $16,000 down payment and your monthly payments would be as low as $570.

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